Faculty Roster Form

Qualifications of Full-Time and Part-Time Faculty


Name of Institution: Prairie View A&M University


Name of Academic Area, Discipline, Department/School: Department of Accounting, Finance, & MIS/ College of Business


Academic Term(s) Included:  Fall 08, Spr 09 Sum 09                Date Form Completed:


Faculty Name

Course Number

Name of Courses

Grad or Undergrad

Relevant Academic Degree and Course Credits Earned


Special Qualifications


Chong, Gin (F)


Off-site Committee’s Comment:

Insufficient Documentation

ACCT 5113


ACCT 5123

Advanced Auditing


Accounting Information System




Ph.D. (Accounting & Auditing), University of Sheffield, UK [1]


Off-site Committee’s question:  Has international transcript been evaluated? 


Answer: Yes, see attached!


Chen, Wenshin


Off-site Committee’s Comment:

On leave (Has international transcript been evaluated?)




Ph.D. Candidate in Management: IT Concentration, University of South Australia


Ed.D. in Teaching: IT Concentration, University of Houston. 2005 [2]


M.B.A. in MIS (Management Information Systems), University of Houston. 2003 [3]


Khan, Moosa (Dept Head)


Off-site Committee’s Comment:

Vita Not Included






Khan Vita [4]