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Prairie View A&M University


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School of Architecture


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Community Development


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Fall 08, Spr 09, Sum 09


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Special Qualifications

Courtney Rose (P)

Off-site Committee’s Comment:

Insufficient Documentation

CODE 5813

Real Estate II


Masters in Community Development

Prairie View A&M [1]


(36 ghs of community development courses)

Bachelor of Arts in Business and Economics- University of Texas at Austin -  2000

Expanded Statement of Justification [1a]

Resume/Vita [1b]

Licensed Realtor and Broker

TREC MCE Instructor Approved.

Sulafa Abou-Samra (P)

Off-site Committee’s Comment:

Not Acceptable

CODE 5303

CODE 5743

Community Politics

Global Community Political



Ph.D. Candidate – Middle Eastern History

University of Texas – Austin [2]

M.A. Middle Eastern Studies

University of Texas  - Austin 2002

(45 gsh in middle eastern studies)

B.A. English Literature

Damascus University 1996

Expanded Statement of Justification [2a]

Resume/Vita [2b]

3 years teaching experience at PVAMU

2 Years Graduate Assistant Teaching Experience at UT Austin in History and Arabic

Foreign Languages:

Fluency: French

Fluency: English

Fluency: Arabic

Working Knowledge: Persian