Faculty Roster Form

Qualifications of Full and Part-Time Faculty Members


Name of Institution:

Prairie View A&M University





Name of College or School:

College of Engineering




Name of Academic Area, Discipline and Department:

Computer Science, Computer Science Department



Academic Term:

Fall 08, Spr 09, Sum 09


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Faculty Name

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( F = Full      P = Part-time)

Courses Taught

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Name of Courses


Grad or


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Relevant Academic

Degree & Course

Credits Earned



Special Qualifications

Brooks, Saquinthea (P)


Off-site Committee’s Comment:

Insufficient Documentation


COMP 1003

Intro to Computer Education


Master of Education (2005)

Prairie View A&M University[1]



B.S. (2002)

Computer Science

Prairie View A&M Univ.

Expanded Statement of Justification [1a]


Resume/Vita [2b]