3.2.6 Board/Administration Distinction

There is a clear and appropriate distinction, in writing and practice, between the policy-making functions of the governing board and the responsibility of the administration and faculty to administer and implement policy.

Judgment of Compliance

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Narrative of Compliance

Texas Education Code 51.352(b) states that "the governing board of an institution of higher education shall provide the policy direction for each institution of higher education under it management and control" [1]. The Texas A&M University System Board of Regents is responsible for formulating, updating, adopting and publishing official polices to establish direction for the Texas A&M University System. System Policy 01.01 System Policies, Rules and Members Rules [2], clearly and appropriately delineates the policy-making functions of the Board of Regents and the responsibility of the administration and faculty to administer and implement policy. As stated in System Policy 01.01, "The CEOs may issue memoranda giving direction to divisions and departments on matters related to their internal operations. These directives shall make appropriate reference and be in compliance with published system policies and system regulations" [3]. The policy further states that "System members may distribute printed handbooks, bulletins, or other written materials to provide information to faculty, employees, students, or other constituent groups. Such materials shall, however, include a disclaimer which establishes the preeminent authority of system policies, system regulations and member rules" [3].

The Board of Regents requires of its members, administrators, employees, agents and students compliance with all Texas A&M University System Polices at all times. Responsibilities of the Board of Regents are explicit and can be found in Texas A&M University System Policy 02.01 Board of Regents [4]. The Chancellor is responsible for the management and operation of the Texas A&M University System and has direct authority over and responsibility for the chief executive officer of each component of the Texas A&M University System [5].

The President of Prairie View A&M University administers the total program of the institution, which includes determining appropriate goals, purposes and role and scope for the institution. Additionally, the President recommends organizational structure, appoints personnel requiring approval of the Board of Regents, evaluates each administrative officer, coordinates planning and development of all activities and programs, develops annual operational and construction budgets and administers the business and financial management of the institution. The President is also charged with providing administrative oversight for the general supervision of all personnel, student programs and services, development and dissemination of information concerning programs and accomplishments, and maintenance of a current rules and internal procedures manual for the University [6]. The President's organizational chart reflects a distinction of lines of authority [7].

Memoranda communicating Texas A&M University System policies and policy updates or University rules and/or procedures are distributed to all faculty, staff, and administrators and are archived on the University webpage [8] [9]. The Faculty Handbook [10] outlines duties and responsibilities of faculty, and the Position Description Questionnaires (PDQ) housed in the Office of Human Resources specify the duties and responsibilities of staff and administrators [11] [12] [13].

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