3.2.9 Faculty/Staff Appointment

The institution defines and publishes policies regarding appointment and employment of faculty and staff.

Judgment of Compliance

PVAMU SACS Accreditation - Judgement Compliance

Narrative of Compliance

Prairie View A&M University recruits, interviews, and appoints faculty and staff in accordance with federal Equal Employment Opportunity guidelines and Texas A&M System Policy. Hiring and termination procedures for all employees are published on the website for the Offices of Human Resources and Equal Opportunity, while details about faculty appointments are available in the Faculty Handbook and college tenure and promotion manuals.

Policies and Procedures for Hiring and Appointment
Texas A&M System Policy 33.99.01: Employment Practices [1] defines general procedures for advertising vacancies, recruiting, conducting search committees, and asking for information from candidates. At Prairie View A&M, the process begins with PV PAWS, the institution's online position description system, where approved personnel can request to fill a position, add a new one, update a position, and reclassify and change position salary [2]. Before any positions can be posted officially, job descriptions, pre-evaluation forms [3] and interview questions [4] must be submitted to the Office of Equal Opportunity for approval. Staff openings are posted on the [email protected] web portal and include detailed summaries of duties, required education and certifications, and instructions for submitting materials. Sample employment listings for an Electrician II staff position [5] and an Assistant Professor of Psychology tenure-track faculty position [6] are included.

Once they have identified a job of interest, prospective employees can follow "Getting Hired" online checklists from the Office of Human Resources.  These explain using the PV PATH Online Application System [7] for all but faculty hires, who must submit hard-copy application forms [8]; completing required paperwork including a confidential release form allowing Prairie View A&M University to conduct a background check [9]; accepting a written offer of employment; attending orientations; and providing proof of eligibility to work in the United States for Form I-9s, which are processed through the E-Verify online service of the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) [10]. The checklists also indicate the five required elements of an employment offer letter [11] [12]. Texas A&M System Policy 12.01: Academic Freedom, Responsibility and Tenure [13] dictates the written terms of employment for faculty.

Managers, supervisors, and search committees are guided by the Office of Human Resources and the Office of Equal Opportunity. The former maintains clear and accessible hiring steps on its website. Separate pages and procedures are available for tenure-track faculty [14], adjunct faculty and instructors [15], new staff [16], temporary staff [17], and graduate assistants [18]. This ensures that everyone from supervisors to job candidates understands the rules governing the employment process.

The Office of Human Resources also maintains a webpage with links to policies and/or procedures in the areas of employment, benefits, leave, compensation, classification, employee relations, training and development, immigration, relevant TAMU system policies, and safety [19].

Additional guidelines for documenting each step of the hiring process for staff [20] and faculty [21], including a "Request to Interview" form and an interview evaluation form, come from the Office of Equal Opportunity. All search committee members must complete Texas A&M System training modules in interviewing practices and avoiding discrimination, and the EEO Website offers a pamphlet summarizing unacceptable questions [22] and a Fact Sheet on Employment Tests and Selection Procedures [23] to help ensure compliance with federal non-discrimination laws.

Definition of Faculty Appointments and Continued Employment
The Faculty Handbook defines faculty rank, including length of appointment, expected duties, and procedures for promotion, for eight categories of regular faculty and three categories of special faculty [24]. For example, the title of Associate Professor is "earned by a faculty member who generally has at least six years of successful experience in higher education or in related professional work; produced research, creative and/or scholarly work at a level that meets the standards of the employing department; participated actively in advancing the field of specialization; contributed service to the profession and/or community; demonstrated a commitment to student development; and upheld the core values of the school/college and the University." The Handbook discusses broad requirements for tenure—performance in the areas of teaching, research, and service—and a successful post-tenure review, but primary publications for policies on tenure and promotion are discipline-specific manuals created by individual Colleges such as Arts and Sciences [25] or Education [26]. Post-tenure review procedures are outlined in Prairie View A&M University Rule 12.06.99.P1 [27].

Furthermore, Prairie View A&M University follows Texas A&M System Policy 12.01 [13] in cases of determining tenure, non-reappointment, and dismissal for cause.

Policies and Procedures for Termination of Employment
As discussed in the responses for Comprehensive Standards 3.9.1 and, under the Sexual Harassment Policy of the University, faculty and staff are informed that any validated charges can lead to termination [28].

Procedures for termination of employment, both voluntary [29] and involuntary [30] are available on an "Exiting Employees" webpage [31]. All faculty and staff members who leave Prairie View A&M University must complete a clearance form with several different departments on campus [32] in accordance with PVAMU Administrative Procedure 60.02 [33].

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