3.4.11 Academic Program Coordination

For each major in a degree program, the institution assigns responsibility for program coordination, as well as for curriculum development and review, to persons academically qualified in the field. In those degree programs for which the institution does not identify a major, this requirement applies to a curricular area or concentration.

Judgment of Compliance

PVAMU SACS Accreditation - Judgement Compliance

Narrative of Compliance

Prairie View A&M University assigns responsibility for program coordination, including curriculum development and review, to academically qualified department heads in the field. Degree programs are housed in academic departments with a department head assigned to program coordination. In some cases, such as in the Arts and Sciences, a department may house several degree programs with program coordinators working under a department head, all of whom are qualified in the field over which they are assigned. Program coordinators are generally given 25% release time from teaching to assist in coordinating duties for the department head. All faculty and department heads are evaluated yearly. Sample department head evaluations are given in Comprehensive Standard 3.2.10. All transcripts showing highest degree earned are given on the faculty rosters in Comprehensive Standard 3.7.1.

All courses that constitute degree programs at PVAMU are initiated, reviewed, and developed by faculty and follow the approval outlined in the Curriculum Review Process flow chart [1]. The curriculum committee and department head approve the changes before they go to the dean and the college/school curriculum committee. If after review, the college/school curriculum committee and the dean approve the requested change, the dean and the head and/or program coordinator present their recommendations to the University Academic Council or Graduate Council for approval. As noted in Core Requirement 2.7.4, meetings are open to visitors, and minutes are taken and are available for review. These minutes, a sample of which can be found in Core Requirement 2.7.4, reflect curricular changes presented and defended by department heads, program coordinators, and deans during deliberations with the University Academic or Graduate Councils.

Department Heads/Program Coordinators:

Agriculture and Human Sciences


Department Head/

Highest Degree

Dr.  Richard Griffin [2]

Agriculture, Nutrition, and Human Ecology

Ph.D. – Texas A&M University, Agriculture, Soil Science

Dr. Sharon McWhinney (G) [3]

Ms. Faye Walker (U) [4]

Dietetic Program

Human Nutrition

Ph.D. –Texas A&M University, Nutrition

M.S. –Texas Woman’s University, Nutrition

Dr. Eustace Duffus [5]

Family & Community Services

Ed.D. –Texas Southern University, Guidance and Counseling

Dr. Richard McWhorter[6]

Human Sciences

Ph.D. –Prairie View A&M University, Juvenile Justice




Highest Degree

Dr. Bruce Bockhorn [7]

Construction Science

Ph.D. –Texas A&M University, Architecture

Dr.  Akel Kahera [8]

Community Development

Ph.D. –Princeton University, Near Eastern Studies and Architecture

Dr. Ikhlas Sabouni [9]


Ph.D. –Rice University, Architecture

Arts & Sciences



Highest Degree

Dr. Harriette Howard- Lee Block [10]


Ph.D. –Atlanta University, Molecular Biology

Dr. Anil Kumar [11]


Ph.D. –Indian Institute of Science, Physics

Dr. Aliakbar Haghighi [12]


Ph.D. –Case Western Reserve, Probability and Statistics

Dr. Aderemi Oki [13]


Ph.D. –University of Wyoming, Inorganic Chemistry

Dr. Walle Engedayehu [14]


Dr. Felix Chima [15]


Dr. James Jones,III [16]

Dr. Michael Nojeim [17]


Dr. Kennetta Phelps [18]

Social Work, Behavioral &
Political Sciences

Social Work



Political Science



Ph.D. –Atlanta University, Political Science


Ph.D. –Clark Atlanta University, Social Work

Ph.D. –Ohio State University, History

Ph.D. –The American University, Political Science

Ph.D. –Bowling Green State University, Sociology

Dr. Victor Hebert [19]

Music and Theater

Ph.D. –University of Michigan, Music

Dr. Dejun Liu [20]

Dr. James Palmer [21]

Dr. John Sullivan [22]

Mr.  Lewis Smith [23]

Languages and Communications




Ph.D. –Bowling Green State University, Communications

Ph.D. –Purdue University, English

Ph.D. –University of Illinois, Spanish

M.S. –Arkansas State University, Mass Communications




Highest Degree

Dr. Moosa Khan [24]

Accounting, Finance & Info. System

Ph.D. –Simon Fraser University, Economics

Dr. Sudhir Tandon [25]

Management & Marketing

Ph.D. –Texas Tech University, Marketing

Dr. John Dyck [26] [26b]

Coordinator Graduate Programs

Ph.D. –University of Houston, Psychology




Highest Degree

Dr. Edward Mason [27]

Curriculum and Instruction

Ph.D. –University of Houston, Educational Psychology

Dr. Pamela Barber-Freeman [28]

Educational Leadership and Counseling

Ph.D. –University of Oklahoma, Education Administration

Dr. Patricia Hoffman-Miller [29][29b]

Ms. Trevia Cyrus [30][30b]

Health and Human Performance

Ph.D. –The Union Institute and University, Educational Policy

M.Ed. –Prairie View A&M University, Physical Education




Highest Degree

Dr. Irvin Osborne-Lee [31]

Chemical Engineering

Ph.D. –University of Texas, Chemical Engineering

Dr. John Attia [32]

Electrical Engineering

Ph.D. –University of Houston, Electrical Engineering

Dr. Judy Perkins [33]

Civil Engineering

Ph.D. –Georgia Institute of Technology, Civil Engineering

Dr. Jianren Zhou [34]

Mechanical Engineering

Ph.D. –Iowa State University, Mechanical Engineering

Dr. Cajetan Akujuobi [35]

Engineering Technology

Ph.D. –George Mason University, Electrical Engineering (Information Technology)

Dr. Yonggao Yang [36]


Computer Science

Ph.D. –George Mason University, Information Technology

Juvenile Justice & Psychology



Highest Degree

Dr. Myrna Cintron [37]

Justice Studies

Ph.D. - Florida State University, Criminology

Dr. Bonnie Walker [38]


Ph.D. –Bowling Green University, Experimental Psychology




Highest Degree

Dr. Annette McClinton [39]

Director - RN -BSN

Ph.D. –University of Texas, Nursing

Dr. Jennifer Goodman [40]

Director - MSN- Nursing Ed & Administrator

Ph.D. –Texas Women’s University, Nursing

Dr. Ruth Caggins [41]

Director - LVN-BSN

Ph.D. –Texas Women’s University, Nursing

Ms. Gloria Rose [42]

Coordinator MSN- FNP

MS & ABD – Texas Women’s University, Nursing

Dr. Betty Adams [43]

Dept. Head Baccalaureate Nursing Program

Ph.D. –University of New Orleans, Curriculum and Instruction Higher Ed.

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