2.4 Institutional Mission

The institution has a clearly defined, comprehensive, and published mission statement that is specific to the institution and appropriate for higher education. The mission addresses teaching and learning and, where applicable, research and public service.

Judgment of Compliance

PVAMU SACS Accreditation - Judgement Compliance

Narrative of Compliance

As a member of the Texas A&M University System, Prairie View A&M University is under the control and supervision of the Board of Regents of The Texas A & M University System, in accordance with Section 87.102 of the Texas Education Code [1].The mission statement of each university in the system describes the institution and its characteristics. Texas Education Code 61.0511 requires every institution of higher education to develop a statement regarding the role and mission of the institution reflecting "the three missions of higher education: teaching, research, and public service" [2].

Prairie View A&M University has a clearly defined, comprehensive, and published mission statement that captures the character and distinctiveness of the institution, which is reviewed and updated periodically by the Board of Regents and by the Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board (THECB). Under Section 87.104 of the Texas Education Code, Prairie View A&M University is a land-grant institution of higher learning additionally “designated as a statewide special purpose institution of higher education for instruction, research, and public service programs,” including outreach to students of varied backgrounds, development of Texas communities, and development of local business enterprises [3]. The University mission statement [4] therefore reinforces these three areas as well as the Core Values established in Policy 03.01 of the Texas A&M University System [5].

As noted in the Five Points of Excellence, 2003-08, a Prairie View A&M University publication,the University's mission has been focused on providing educational opportunities to traditionally underserved students, but the University’s reach surpasses that goal. As a public university, it has an obligation to strengthen the quality of academic programs offered to students. In line with this goal, PVAMU has expanded its advanced educational offerings to include multiple doctoral programs, including the nation’s first PhD in juvenile justice. In terms of research, Prairie View A&M University ranks fourth in research among all Texas A&M University System member schools. Research programs are significant because they demonstrate a commitment to progressing society. In terms of service, undergraduate and graduate students learn the value of working with their communities through service opportunities that are woven into class curricula and student life. Additionally, with nearly 1,800 commissioned officers and nine flag rank officers to its credit, military service represents the fabric of PVAMU as well as its proud service to the United States of America. Through nine colleges and schools, PVAMU addresses state and national needs to produce more qualified engineers, teachers, counselors, nurses and corporate leaders [6].

The mission is approved by the Texas A&M University System Board of Regents in accordance with the Texas A&M University System Policy 03.02.01 [7]. The statement or modifications are submitted to the Chancellor and to the Board for approval [7]. Board of Regents' approved mission statements and modifications also require approval by the Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board.

Texas Education Code 61.051(e) [8] directs the THECB to review the Mission Statements of public institutions of higher education across the state. Review takes place once every four years [8]. The current mission was approved by the Board of Regents in December 2001 [9], updated with approval by THECB on July 18, 2002, and re-approved July 20, 2006 [10] [11] [12], after review in 2006 by University faculty, staff, students, and administrators at the Strategic Planning-Enterprise Risk Management Retreat, January 12-13, 2006 [13].

The mission statement [4] is published on the University website [14], in undergraduate [15] and graduate catalogs [16], on the THECB website [17], and is disseminated as noted in Comprehensive Standard 3.1.1.

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