3.10.2 Submission of Financial Statements

The institution provides financial profile information on an annual basis and other measures of financial health as requested by the Commission. All information is presented accurately and appropriately and represents the total operation of the institution.

Link to Original Submission

Off Site Committee Review Findings

A review of Prairie View A&M University’s unaudited financial statements and the financial profile provided by the institution to the Commission confirms the institution provides financial information on an annual basis. The information provided to the Commission contains material errors in the classification of capital assets. The institution reported capital assets in the Temporarily Restricted Net Assets category instead of Unrestricted New Assets. Therefore, the information is not accurately and appropriately reported.

Prairie View A& M Response to Off Site Review

As requested, a corrected report on capital assets has been processed, checked, and approved by the President of the University (Chief Executive Officer), the Vice-President for Business Affairs (Chief Financial Officer) and the Assistant Vice President for Financial Accounting, Reporting, and Procurement [1].

Unaudited financial statements [2] and the financial profile from the original Compliance Certification Report [3] are linked here for convenient comparison and verification.

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