3.2.10 Administrative Staff Evaluations

The institution evaluates the effectiveness of its administrators on a periodic basis.

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Off Site Committee Review Findings

A review of the Texas A&M University System Policy 01.03, PVAMU’s Compact with the Texas A&M University System FY2008-2009, the evaluation notice regarding the President’s 2009 evaluation, and sample provost, senior vice president, vice president, associate provost, assistant provost, dean, director, department head, and other administrator evaluation documentation indicates there is an evaluation process for administrative staff on an annual basis. Documentation confirming that evaluations have taken place should be provided.

Prairie View A& M Response to Off Site Review

In accordance with Texas A&M University System Regulation 33.99.03, Performance Evaluation for Non-Faculty Employees [1], performance evaluation are conducted annually for all administrative personnel at Prairie View A&M University. Notification for performance evaluations during the most recent academic year, AY 08-09, was issued by the Vice President of Business Affairs on December 1, 2008 [2]. Evaluations for the administrative officers at PVAMU are listed below.

Prairie View A&M University
Administrative Officers


Position/AY08-09 Evaluation

Dr. E. Joahanne Thomas-Smith

Provost and Senior Vice President for Academic Affairs [3]

Dr. Willie Trotty

Vice President for Research and Development [4]

Dr. Lauretta Byars

Vice President for Student Affairs and Institutional Relations [5]

Mrs. Mary Lee Hodge

Vice President for Business Affairs [6]

Mr. Fred Washington

Vice President for Auxiliary Services/ Athletic Director [7]

Dr. Michael L. McFrazier

Associate Provost and Associate Vice President for Academic Affairs [8]

Mr. Don Byars

Associate Provost for Enrollment Management [9]

Dr. Carlos Clark

Assistant Provost for Student Financial Aid [10]

Dr. Elizebeth Noel

Associate Vice President for Research [11]

Dr. Myron Billingsley

Associate Vice President for Student Affairs [12]

Mrs. Marilyn Maynard

Assistant Vice President for Financial Services [13]

Mr. Rod Mireles

Assistant Vice President  for Financial Accounting Reporting  and Procurement[14]

Mrs. Tressey Wilson

Assistant Vice President for Auxiliary Services [15]

Mr. Albert Gee

Assistant Vice President of Human Resources [16]

Mr. Richard Norton

Assistant Vice President of Physical Plant [17]

Mr. Luis-Pablo Grijalva

Chief Information Officer [18]

Mr. Jay Abbt

Director, Environmental Health and Safety [19]

Mr. Larry Raab

Director Campus Planning and Space Management [20]

Ms. Betty Ricks

Director, Budget and Reconciliation[21]

Dr. Dean Williamson

Director, Institutional Research [22]

The academic officers are as follows:

Prairie View A&M University
Academic Officers


Position/Position Descriptions

Dr. Betty Adams

Dean, College of Nursing[23]

Dr. Kendall Harris

Dean, Roy G. Perry College of Engineering [24]

Dr. Danny Kelley

Dean, Marvin and June Samuels Brailsford College of Arts and Sciences [25]

Dr. William H. Parker

Dean, Graduate School [26]

Dr. Munir Quddus

Dean, College of Business [27]

Dr. Elaine Rodney

Dean, College of Juvenile Justice and Psychology [28]

Dr. Freddie Richards

Dean, College of Agriculture and Human Sciences [29]

Dr. Ikhlas Sabouni

Dean, School of Architecture [30]

Dr. Lucian Yates, III

Dean, Whitlow Green College of Education [31]

Dr. Rosie Albritton

Director, John B. Coleman Library [32]

Dr. Dennis Daniels

Director, Undergraduate Medical Academy [33]

Mrs. Lettie Raab

Director, University College [34]

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