3.2.13 Institution-Related Foundations

Any institution-related foundation not controlled by the institution has a contractual or other formal agreement that (1) accurately describes the relationship between the institution and the foundation, and (2) describes any liability associated with that relationship. In all cases, the institution ensures that the relationship is consistent with its mission.

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Off Site Committee Review Findings

Prairie View A&M University entered into a five-year agreement with Prairie View A&M Foundation in April 2009. The agreement describes the relationship between the two parties and the associated liabilities. The Bylaws of Prairie View A&M Foundation state the purpose as charitable, educational or scientific endeavors in support of the University. In section 3.10.5, the institution describes a relationship with Prairie View A&M Research Foundation (PVAMRF). The university’s organization chart for the Office of the Vice President for Research and Development also discloses a relationship with PVAMRF. The website for PVAMRF states its mission as “….a university connected non-profit corporation which administers sponsored programs for Prairie View A&M University. PVAMRF is an unincorporated subsidiary of the Texas A&M Research Foundation.” The institution’s self-assessment of this standard does not mention a relationship with PVAMRF or Texas A&M Research Foundation (TAMRF).The TAMRF appears to operate as an over-arching research foundation for the system, with branch offices at certain campuses. Since the PVAMRF appears to be a satellite office for TAMRF, PVAMRF may not be under the control of the institution. If true, the lack of control requires a contractual or formal agreement under this standard. The institution should provide additional information to clarify its relationship with PVAMRF and TAMRF and evidence of any agreements required under this standard.

Prairie View A& M Response to Off Site Review

Prairie View A&M University has an affiliation agreement with the Texas A&M Research Foundation d/b/a "doing business as" Prairie View A&M Research Foundation. The agreement, dated October 19, 2004, identifies the responsibilities of both parties [1]. The Vice President for Research and Development (VPRD) has a dual role with the TAMRF. He is a councilor and member of the board of trustees [2]. TAMRF councilors are an advisory body that “provides information and advice as to the policies and procedures of the foundation which will be most effective in assisting the system members to attain their research goals and will make recommendations to the Board and officers for change in the policies and procedures of the foundation [3].” All research proposals submitted by the PVAMRF on behalf of Prairie View A&M University are routed for review, approval and signature. The schedule of contacts, approvals, and report distribution is found on page 16 through 18 of the affiliation agreement. In order to submit a proposal, the PVAMRF must have the signature of the principal investigator, department head, dean and vice president for research.

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